36th Season

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Sep 13 – Oct 6, 2019

Rehearsals M-F Evenings, Aug 2 - Sept 12

Tension, laughter, and murder take center stage in Agatha Christie's comedy whodunnit, Spider's Web. Clarissa is intent on not letting a little thing like a murder in the drawing room get in the way of her husband entertaining an important guest. Filled with trap doors, misunderstandings and outrageous secrets, Spider's Web will keep you guessing and laughing at the same time.

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Nov 8 – Dec 8, 2019

Rehearsals M-F Evenings, Sept 20 - Nov 7

From the spectacular minds of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, Jesus Christ Superstar is a hard-hitting, radical, rock-opera re-telling of the last five days in the life of Jesus Christ. Including famous numbers such as ‘What’s the Buzz?’, ‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him’, and ‘Superstar’, Jesus Christ Superstar has been stunning audiences for over 40 years and is just as passionate, controversial, and contemporary today.

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Jan 17 – Feb 9, 2020

Rehearsals M-F Evenings, Dec 6 - Jan 16

A prophesy, a prince chained in a tower, and a case of mistaken identity set the scene for this classic Spanish masterpiece. Convinced that his son will bring about his downfall, King Basilio seals him away in a tower. When two strangers stumble upon his prison they accidentally set in motion a tale of love, revenge, and ultimately redemption.

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Mar 13 – Apr 12, 2020

Rehearsals M-F Evenings, Jan 31 - Mar 12

A man's quest for revenge takes him to the edge of sanity in a play often considered the greatest script in Western literature. Prince Hamlet suspects his uncle of the murder of Hamlet's father. With Denmark in chaos and an invading army on the way, can he prove his uncle's guilt – or quell his own reluctance at cold-blooded murder?

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May 15 – Jun 14, 2020

Rehearsals M-F Evenings, Mar 27 - May 14

Named one on New York Times' best shows of 2017, this folk-pop musical adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy puts an entrancing new twist on a classic tale. Driven from her home, Rosalind disguises herself as a boy to live in her uncle's court in the forest of Arden. With crazy encounters, mistaken identity and a lot of great music, find out why the New York Times says “There may be no such thing as too much Shaina Taub.”

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Jul 17 – Aug 9, 2020

Rehearsals M-F Evenings, Jun 5 - Jul 16

Sick of never-ending war, Lysistrata organizes the women from all sides in a massive sex strike until the men agree to lay down their arms. So begins an outrageous no-holds-barred battle of the sexes, that proves once and for all that all is truly fair in love and war